MEDILINK CONSULTING is a healthcare consulting firm composed of healthcare professionals with sound practical knowledge, education and experience in specific areas of healthcare, working side-by-side with clients to achieve the absolute greatest impact and sustainable performance possible.
At Medilink, we believe and acknowledge that our modern Westernized Medicine has been catastrophically fragmented and this trend is still progressing with mushrooming of new medical specialities.
This hyperspecialisation lives the patients stranded as they cannot always understand which specialist to consult next.
Hyper-specialization in medicine or simply organization of medicine by specialities is indeed a good thing, attesting of current progress in Medicine and the need to remain focus while deeply understanding medical challenges facing our new world.
Unfortunately these new medical specialities add to the challenges to the patient access to suitable healthcare. Specialists tend to be scattered throughout the cities and finding them is not always an easy task; let alone parking fees that need to be paid whenever the specialist is located.
There is here loses of time and money. This is where the idea of having all needed medical services under the same roof will benefit you.
At Medilink, our vision is to link as many services as we can under one roof in order to give you following advantages:
  • comprehensive medical services: our cohort of primary care practitioners (Family Physicians, Nurse practitioner) will listen to your problem and come up with a suitable solution. If they cannot, you will be referred to appropriate speciality.
  • suitable referral: privilege will be to specialised services under the Medilink roof. There is here ease of medical record exchange, and time benefit.
  • short wait time: being Medilink patient, with ease of medical information sharing among providers, you will be privileged on being seen by other Medilink providers in a timely manner.
  • convenience: with all required services under the same roof, you do not have to cruise all around the city to find your nearest specialist.
  • money Saving: having all required services under the same roof, you will save money and time on short travel time, parking fees.
  • best collaboration and communication between providers that results in a better outcome for you. Being under the same roof, it is common that providers informally discuss quick findings on defined patients when they meet either in the parking lot, in the elevator, in the passage, at the cafeteria or in the boardroom after a meeting.
  • complementarity: various providers complete each other to produce a much more needed synergy whose first beneficiary is you. Think of a Paediatrician (who does not provide childhood hood vaccination) but working under the same roof with a Nurse in charge of the childhood immunization clinic.
In Conclusion please note that “All medical services under same roof” is an ideal towards which we aspire at Medilink. It will be unrealistic to think that we can have all possible medical Specialities under one roof. But we strive to gather as many as possible medical services in the the same building. For those of services missing, you will be referred to one of the specialists from the panel of MEDILINK partners.
At Medilink, we believe that “All medical services under same roof ” is the solution to the over fragmentation of our modern western medicine, in order to render you a much needed comprehensive and individualized healthcare.
Our multidisciplinary team, composed of Physicians, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Health care attendants…, works hand in hand to render a tailored solutions to our clients as we craft solutions and strategies for transformational change within the organization.
We know that each client is unique, and has his/ her specific challenges in the context of his/ her work culture, background , level of education, personal beliefs.
Our Clients Include
Personal Injury Law Firms (Plaintiff or Defense), Auto Insurers ( Icbc), Life and Health Disability Insurers ( Worksafe BC), Canadian Provincial Worker’s Compensation Boards, Medical Legal Community, Municipal Employers, Corporate Employers, Individuals willing to have an in-death knowledge of their injuries, Workers injured on duty, Travellers to exotic destination.
We are focused on a united purpose: to improve the health and enrich the lives of Canadians.