What is Nursing Foot Care?
Foot health is an essential component of total vitality and happiness. Many people experience painful foot conditions which need professional and regular nursing foot care to evade further complications, or in the case of extreme wounds, infection, and amputation.
Nursing Foot Care is supportive to all people who need foot care services and who are actually incapable to offer themselves with suitable self-care. Anybody with a health concern or foot-related health problem can benefit from seeking nursing foot care.
Nursing Foot Care includes Health Promotion, Client Teaching, Promoting Safety and Comfort. The nurse collaborates with the client to develop a plan of care while encouraging the client to assume responsibility for his/her own health with the assistance of the nurse.

What Does a foot Care Nurse do?

Foot Care Nurse assess client’s

  • walking/gait
  • proper foot wear
  • recognizes lower leg related problems
  • promotes self-care, wellness and prevention of illness
  • Does routine nails and skin management to prevent foot related problems
  • Treats lower leg problems by following physicians, podiatrist and or Nurse practitioner
  • Make referrals to appropriate professionals when concern
  • Advocate for clients.
  • Foot care Nurse trims, cuts, files and defines nails. Reduces callouses and corns.

Who Needs Foot Care?

  • Diabetic
  • Seniors
  • Immobile people
  • Those with impaired vision
  • Athletes
  • Bunions suffers
  • Arthritis suffers
  • Children
  • Expecting mothers
  • Ingrown nails
  • Plantar fasciitis suffers
  • Soldiers and retired Veterans