Occupational Medicine
Your employees are the major backbone of your business.
When it comes to the health and well-being of your employees, Medilink Consulting is there for you with a broad range of Occupational Medicine Services in Canada . Whether your requirement is overall medical care, urgent care, work injury, or pre-employment amenities, you and your staff will experience Medilink Consulting’s commitment to bestowing with the uppermost quality of care each day of the year.

Why Use Occupational Medicine Services?

Getting hurt on the job is a serious subject. You ought to ensure that you get good care, and that the care you receive is in with your boss’s requests. Work injuries or illness also need to have appropriate documentation. Occupational medicine services specialize in functioning with those who are filing worker’s compensation claims or who have work-related medical requirements.

When To Avail Occupational Medicine Treatment?

If you are putting up a worker’s compensation claim, you’ll need to be accurately checked and treated by a medical doctor. This can be made easy by an occupational medicine clinic. In addition, these occupational medicine services can be utilized for alot of other reasons. Employers that require drug screening before or during employment will often work with occupational medicine facilities. Furthermore, health screening for insurance or employment purposes are also steered at these facilities. Any time you require to connect with a doctor owing to work-related concerns, seek out our occupational medicine clinic.

What Services Do Occupational Medicine Clinics Provide?

There are a number of services that you can receive at these clinics. Some of the services that are generally available at occupational medicine clinics include:
  • Alcohol& Drug screening for new or constant employment.
  • Post-accident assessment and testing
  • EKG’s
  • X-ray’s
  • Laboratory work, comprising of blood testing and virus testing
  • Injury care, comprising of crush injuries, head injuries, painful cuts, burns, and others.
  • Health assessment for employees
Our clinical managers are accessible to discuss the precise needs of your company and staffs whenever it is most suitable for you. Just connect with our Medilink Consulting team, and discover yourself on the path to your commercial health care solution.