Travel Medicine
Are you thinking to experience the sunset merging into turquoise waters, dream escape on animperial Mediterranean cruise, a trek to Mount Everest, a visit to family in USA, a business trip to Singapore, make most of the adventure in the tropical rainforests of Congo or scuba dive in Maldives? Whatever your travel agenda, Medilink Consulting must be your first stop destination for Travel Medicine Services in Canada.

Why do you need to visit Medilink’sTravel Medicine Clinic?

Travel to any area of the country or the globe, for sports, business, education or leisure does pose a threat of getting diseases you wouldn’t usuallycome across at home. Medilink’s travel medicine clinicendows with an in-depth examination of risk factors and provides precautionary measures. We assist you to stay free from any infection or disease during travel, so that you do not have to suffer high medical expenses or loss of valuable time during your travel stay.
We also have the expertise to precisely investigate and treat contagions in returning travellers.

Who needs to seeour Travel Medicine Clinic?

Though the Travel Medicine is a must for all travellers going overseas, it is particularly recommended for:
  • Travellers with long-lasting conditions
  • Elderly People, Pregnant Women, etc.
  • Immuno-suppressed Folks
  • Foreign Students or Expats
  • Adventure seekers with problematic access to healthcare.

What services are offered at our Travel Medicine Clinic?

  • Up-to-date health and viral infection information pertaining to your travel itinerary.
  • Vaccinations and precautionary medication.
  • Special info for high risk individuals such as patients with chronic illnesses, pregnancy, elderly, etc.
  • General information on non-infective conditions connected with travel.
  • Post-travel consultation for travel related illnesses.

What is the perfect time to visit a Travel Medicine Clinic?

The best time is 4-6 weeks prior to travel. Though, if you have last minute travel plans, you can take advantage from cautionary advice and vaccinations.