Occupational Medicine

Your employees are the major backbone of your business.

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Independent Medical Examination

If you have concerns about the effects of work on your employee’s health

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Medical Chart Review Services

As a broad record of a patient’s medical data and health history, documented by a doctor

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Travel Medicine

Are you thinking to experience the sunset merging into turquoise waters

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Family Medicine

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Virtual Care Clinic

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Physiotherapy Clinic

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Kinesiology Clinic

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Occupational Therapy Clinic

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Travel Clinic

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Foot Care Clinic

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Women Health Clinic

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Childhood Health and Immunization Clinic

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Medical Consultant in Canada

Medical Consultant in Canada

Medilink Consulting Center is one of the leading healthcare consulting firms in Canada which is composed of medical professionals with sound practical knowledge.

Healthcare Consulting in Canada

Managing and monitoring the current health and safety of workforces in Canada by healthcare consulting firms is vital, particularly when they are expected to execute safety critical

Independent Medical Assessment in Canada

If you have concerns about the effects of work on your employee’s health or their attendance at work

About Medilink Consulting

MEDILINK CONSULTING is a healthcare consulting firm composed of healthcare professionals with sound practical knowledge, education and experience in specific areas of healthcare

Drug And Alcohol Testing in Canada

The misuse of drugs and alcohol can toss a bad impact on an employee’s ability to accomplish their standard day-to-day work activities,

Pre Employment Testing in Canada

Pre-employment testing in Canada comprise of the basic screening investigations required to determine the candidate’s

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